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The end-to-end platform to annotate, version, and manage ground truth data for your AI.

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#1 Data Labeling Software
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Trusted by leading organizations

SuperData lifecycle

Automate and scale your AI pipeline 3-5x faster with the most powerful toolset, robust data management system, and industry-leading annotation services.

Annotate multiple data formats at scale

Achieve operational excellence at larger volumes. Annotate image, video, and text with faster data throughput. Build super-high quality datasets with our best-in-class toolset and services.
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Manage projects of any complexity and size

High-impact team collaboration and powerful project management features fuel your model success. Set up a centralized annotation workflow, collaborate with your team, and monitor the project quality all in one place.
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annotation project management

Automate workflows for faster results

Train high-quality models and use our prediction to annotate your data more accurately. Automate the annotation and QA processes to complete your projects faster without compromising on quality.
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annotation automation

Achieve dataset excellence

Improve your models by quickly filtering, debugging, and correcting the most relevant data. Seamlessly navigate across datasets, detect and mitigate biases to achieve the highest quality datasets.
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data curation

Connect SuperAnnotate to any stage of your pipeline

Integrate our SDK with your AI pipeline. Set up sequences of triggers to keep your data secure and reduce workflow complexity. Manage your projects without leaving your development environment.
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sdk pipeline integration

The fastest toolset

Do you think your annotation process is fast enough? We bet you can make it even faster using our robust and user-friendly image, video, and text annotation tools, as well as the automation and active learning features our platform has to offer.
annotation tool

Designed for perfect quality

Build the highest quality training data extremely fast with SuperAnnotate. We offer comprehensive multi-level quality management and effective collaboration tools to drive successful projects and boost model performance. You’ll feel the difference instantly.
quality assurance process
I can’t imagine achieving this level of precision without SuperAnnotate’s platform.
Jennifer Hobbs
Director of Machine Learning at IntelinAir

Enterprise-ready solution

You don’t have to worry about security and privacy. Our security-first platform is built from the ground up to consolidate pipelines of every size and complexity. By complying with the most critical regulations, we serve leading Fortune 100 companies.
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aicpa soc

Infinite scalability is real

No matter how big your project is, we’re ready to set you up for success. With over 15000 full-time professionals, we’ll be able to scale your projects anywhere in the world.

affordable at scale chart

Affordable at scale

Receive discounts with larger commitments and dramatically reduce the cost of your AI pipeline.
This is exactly what we have done for hundreds of our customers.

They use SuperAnnotate.
What is your Superpower?

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less project completion time
“We have complex projects, and SuperAnnotate has allowed us to cut over 60% off annotation cycle time, reducing it from over a week to a couple of days. Finding annotation teams was super easy, and because they are all trained on SuperAnnotate, they are able to deliver more accurate annotations much faster than before.”
Ovadya Menadeva
Computer Vision Team Leader at Percepto
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faster data labeling
aedit logo
We selected SuperAnnotate because it was the only end-to-end platform that provides robust tooling, deep pipeline integration, and high-quality annotation services, which reduced our ML cycle time by over 80%.
Matthew Powers
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increase in model accuracy
altris logo
SuperAnnotate’s tool is much faster, more accurate, and more robust compared to other tools we tried.
Andrey Kuropyatnyk
CEO at Altris AI
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Join hundreds of leading companies who build super high-quality training data up to 5x faster with SuperAnnotate.
Trusted by leading organizations

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