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Build, fine-tune, iterate, and manage your AI models faster with the highest-quality training data.

The annotation tool for top-quality training data

Create accurate training data across multiple data types with our annotation software, which is supercharged with advanced tools and automation features.
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AI Data Management and Curation

Curate and manage your data with advanced solutions to create healthy datasets for top-performing models.
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Query and debug
Find relevant data for your model and enhance the quality of your dataset.
Data insights
Visualize the data trends and distributions of your dataset health and annotation team performance.
Data versioning
Enhance your AI pipeline with advanced versioning and download functionalities.

MLOps and automations

Automate complex ML processes with easy-to-use and low-code toolsets.
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Data annotation automation
Build high-quality models to automate the annotation process.
ML pipelines management at scale
Streamline complex ML pipelines.
Task automation
Create processes that automatically tune into events in your projects, such as status updates, without any additional prompt from you.

The largest annotation services marketplace

Access a global marketplace of 400+ vetted, trained, and professionally-managed annotation teams that speak up to 18 languages.
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Scalability for projects of all sizes
Partner with SuperAnnotate's annotation service teams that provide quality and expertise to projects of all sizes across various industries.
Security measures to keep your data safe
SuperAnnotate complies with global security and privacy regulations and offers advanced solutions to keep your data safe.
Quality assurance infrastructure for high-quality data
No crowdsourcing! Our workforce is vetted, trained, and managed professionally.

Secure and compliant by design

Security Compliance
SOC 2 | TYPE 2
ISO 27001
Data Integrations
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azure integration
gcp integration

They use SuperAnnotate. What’s your superpower?

96% model accuracy
“Definitely the best team annotators I’ve seen and the platform is easy to manage. The quality is really high and consistent.”
Joseph Martorana
Data Annotation Lead at Hinge Health
Robust and easy-to-use
“SuperAnnotate’s platform is incredibly robust and easy-to-use. Their Data Operations team is very thorough, proactive, easy to engage, and acts as a valuable extension of Motorola Solutions’ data operations.”
Jason Lohner
Senior AI Data Manager at Motorola Solutions
60% faster annotation cycle time
“We have complex projects, and SuperAnnotate has allowed us to cut over 60% off annotation cycle time, reducing it from over a week to a couple of days. Finding annotation teams was super easy, and because they are all trained on SuperAnnotate, they are able to deliver more accurate annotations much faster than before.”
Ovadya Menadeva
Head of AI and Vision at Percepto
12x more cost-efficient
“Two years ago, our team consisted of four people who were doing a thousand images over two months. Our data scientist is doing the same amount of work today in just one week. So, if I take 4x8, we get effectively nearly 32x faster.”
Geoffrey Shmigelsky
CTO at OneCup AI
3x faster annotations
“The fact that SuperAnnnotate had a local dedicated team of professionals sped up the annotation performance and improved the quality of instrument annotations. That, combined with our local QA team, made a combination of 1+1 makes 3.”
Pieter De Backer
AI Lead at Orsi Academy
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