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computer vision in robotics

Use cases

computer vision in robotics industry

Waste recycling

Enable the software to scan and recognize waste and classify it in appropriate containers.
computer vision in robotics industry


Dismantle facilities safely with laser robots that recognize shapes of different sizes.
computer vision in robotics


Teach the robots to identify, gather, pack, and store boxes.
computer vision in retail


Leverage product recognition and labeling for smart and fast inventory tracking.
computer vision in agriculture industry


Allow robots to detect and take out weeds, plow the land, pick fruits and vegetables based on ripeness.
computer vision in robotics industry


Let industrial robots “see” objects, interact with them, join pieces together and build items as complex as a car.

Computer vision applications in robotics

Rapid development in robotics and AI are ushering in a new age that can profoundly change the way we live. Robots can be programmed to create intricate formwork modules with a higher degree of accuracy than a human worker and in a fraction of the time, unlocking the complex designs and turning them into a reality.

From smart houses to self-driving cars, the applications of AI and robotics are virtually limitless. See how computer vision is used to enhance technologies in robotics.

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computer vision in robotics industry
computer vision in robotics industry

SuperAnnotate for robotics

From manufacturing to healthcare, robotics uncovers new possibilities for nearly each and every industry we work in. Training this kind of large, complex model, however, requires a robust data annotation workflow with quality management measures and smooth iteration cycles.

SuperAnnotate is designed to build and feed quality data into AI models and get them into production up to 5x faster.

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