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Disclosing practical applications of AI with leading industry and academia experts.
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AI has become the new trend of the century. This state-of-the-art technology revolutionizes the way we live and work. How exactly does AI affect our lives? What AI applications are in use today? How do current AI models perform and what’s there for further development? The Real-Life AI podcast with Tigran Petrosyan answers these and many other questions.


On the 3rd episode, Tigran Petrosyan hosted Davit Baghdasaryan - the co-founder and CEO of Krisp, the world’s number one noise-canceling app powered by AI. Before Krisp, Davit used to lead product security for Twilio product lines. Here, he shared the founding story of Krisp, how they turned their AI innovation into a product that is now loved by millions of users and businesses. Davit also introduced the latest Krisp 2.0 release and how its transcription technology allows users to easily generate summaries of their conversations and take quick actions following them.
Davit Baghdasaryan
CEO & Co-Founder at Krisp
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How to build a $4 billion valuation business starting from a pilot project with a $159 paycheck? How to extend business with machine learning? When 80% of ML projects fail, what’s the secret behind getting your ML efforts successfully on track? In the second episode of the Real-Life AI podcast Christopher Hopper, the co-founder and CEO at Aurora Solar, shared the story of founding the company, answered these questions, and highlighted the lessons learned. Tigran Petrosyan, the co-founder and CEO of SuperAnnotate hosted this episode and interviewed Christopher Hopper about the journey of building Aurora Solar and the AI application they brought to market.
Christopher Hopper
Co-founder and CEO at Aurora Solar
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In this episode, professor Trevor Darrell from UC Berkeley shares his experience in working on exciting AI initiatives that emerged as a result of close collaboration between industry and academia. He covers different challenges that computer vision currently faces and solves, such as autonomous driving, SAR imagery, cashier-less checkout systems, and more. In addition, he shares great advice for fellow data scientists who are just getting started in the field.
Prof. Trevor Darrell
University of California, Berkeley
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Our host

Once physicist and now entrepreneur, Tigran Petrosyan is a forward-looking tech enthusiast and Berkeley SkyDeck alumnus. Leaving behind Ph.D. studies in Biomedical Imaging and Photonics, Tigran and his brother co-founded SuperAnnotate in 2018, following their passion for building comprehensive teams and making products people love. With his demonstrated experience in technology, startups, and management, Tigran brings his unique outlook to the current AI landscape.

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