Comprehensive project management

Achieve better results with our powerful project management features.

project management

Higher-quality results

Create an annotation workflow and attach project instructions to guarantee stellar results.

Smarter decision-making

Monitor project and user analytics to make data-driven decisions.

Quick project setup

Create a project in just three steps. Enter your project details, add classes, and invite contributors.

project manegement
collaboration and workflows

Seamless annotation workflow

Create a workflow to set up accurate annotation steps and automate the class and tool selection process.

Easily accessible instructions

Attach a file that gives detailed project instructions to avoid possible mistakes from the beginning. Your team members can access the instructions file straight from the editor.

project management
folder structure

Data organization and versioning

Use folders to sort out your data into small, easy-to-manage units.

Advanced filtering

Find pinned and not pinned images and filter images by assignee, annotation status, and prediction status.

project management
project management

Real-time analytics

Make data-driven decisions based on actionable insights. The analytics dashboard gives an overview of image status, user performance, and project progress.

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