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project management

See how project setups work

Set up your project in just a few steps.

Create a team

Choose who’s going to be working on your project and assign them roles.

Set up a project

Create a project, invite users, and import data from your local or cloud storage.    

Organize and assign your data

Organize your data into folders and assign each folder to an annotator and annotation QA.

Supporting all project and data types

SuperAnnotate supports the most common data types and file formats, making it possible to power all industries and use cases.
annotation tool
annotation tool
annotation tool
annotation tool
annotation tool
annotation tool

Upload any type of file


Powering your project with quality management tools

Manage your annotation data

Control the quality of your annotations and curate healthy datasets for your models.
Curate data
Find relevant data easily and create the right subset of data for your model with queries. You can query data by item status, annotator email, folder name, and more.
Monitor data quality
Visualize your annotations and do a faster, more thorough quality check all in one place. You can approve and disapprove annotations and items, change the status of items, set priority scores, and more.

Comprehensive quality assurance review

Guarantee an effective and thorough review with a multi-level quality assurance process.
Multi-level QA review
Get your data across multiple roles (annotator, annotation QA, and project admin) for a more effective quality review.
Automated QA process
The quality assurance review is a fully automated process. Once you approve or disapprove your data, it’ll be automatically sent to the next stage or sent back for a review.

Consensus and benchmark

Use the consensus and benchmark tools to ensure your annotations meet your standards. 
Compare a set of annotations to all the other sets of annotations in a project, helping you filter out the ones with a low score.
Evaluate the quality of your annotations by comparing them to a set of ground truth annotations.

Private user groups

Sort your team members into private groups to efficiently manage a project’s data scope and task distribution. This allows you to work with different groups within a unified environment all while safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of each group.

Turn data into actionable insights

Gain a deeper insight into the performance of your project and stay on top of trends with advanced analytics.

User analytics

The user analytics dashboard gives you an overview of your team performance which helps you keep them on tack.

Data analytics

Monitor your dataset's health by drilling down into a powerful dashboard and visualize performance trends over time.

Stay up to date on project progress

Send real-time data from SuperAnnotate to your application or email whenever a change happens in your project.

More tools to boost annotation project management

Powering all industries and use cases

SuperAnnotate provides innovative solutions for a breadth of industries and use cases, from autonomous driving to robotics, and more.
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