MLOps and automations

Build robust CI/CD pipelines that drive results using SuperAnnotate’s toolkit of neural networks, Python SDK, webhooks, and advanced orchestration. 
Build models to automate the annotation process
Streamline complex ML pipelines
Monitor and track changes
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ml flow
Data annotation automation
ML pipelines management at scale
Real-time tracking and monitoring


With Orchestrate, you can automate tasks in your ML pipeline with ease to increase project efficiency.
Task automation
Create processes that automatically tune into events in your projects, such as status updates, without any additional prompt from you. This reduces the time it’ll take for members to carry out these tasks manually, increasing efficiency.
By being able to visualize the pipeline links, you can get a clear representation of the entire ML pipeline, helping you understand the flow of the automations.
Custom actions
Creating custom actions gives you the flexibility to create specific actions for your unique use cases and use them in your pipelines.

Python SDK

Empower your workflow with SuperAnnotate’s Python SDK, which offers seamless access to all UI functionalities at scale. Create projects, set up integrations, upload annotations, run predictions, filter and download datasets, and more.

Model training and auto inference

Automate the annotation process by creating models using your annotated data. You can later fine-tune the model based on your dataset and class structure.

Model versioning and comparison

Create models that meet your use case and track their accuracy parameters. Version each model, track their performance metrics, and compare different versions to gain valuable insights on model improvement.

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