Webinar by SuperAnnotate
January 31st, 9am PST / 6pm CET

Manual annotation is dead, one-shot is the future

leo linden

Leo Lindén

Senior ML Solutions Engineer at SuperAnnotate

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Efficiency in dataset preparation is key to accelerating AI innovation. Traditional manual data annotation is notoriously time-intensive, often bottlenecking the development process.

One-shot learning simplifies this step. It allows you to extend a single manual annotation to an entire dataset. It empowers AI teams to shift their focus from tedious data prep to the rewarding aspects of AI development, bringing cutting-edge products to the market faster.

This webinar will dive into how One-shot learning works and how you can leverage it in your data workflow.

  • Named Entity Recognition/NLP (bounding box annotation of named entities)
  • Optical Character Recognition/OCR (character annotation of the words from the annotated bounding box)

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