March 30th, 10 am PDT / 7 pm CEST

Scaling ML Development for Geospatial Data

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Webinar hosts

oscar ornberg

Oscar Örnberg

Solutions Engineering Team Lead at SuperAnnotate
vahan petrosyan

Vahan Petrosyan

Co-founder and CTO at SuperAnnotate
david arakelyan

David Arakelyan

ML Project Coordinator

Webinar speaker

luis riera

Luis Riera

AI Solutions Engineer at SuperAnnotate

Join us for our new webinar on “Scaling ML Development for Geospatial Data” hosted by Luis Riera, where we will explore the challenges and solutions to scaling machine learning development for geospatial data.

As machine learning engineers, you know the importance of high-quality data labeling for successful model training. But with the increasing volume and complexity of remote sensing data, it can be challenging to scale labeling processes.

In this webinar, you’ll discover how SuperAnnotate’s advanced AI-assisted annotation tools and workflows can help you accelerate your geospatial ML development. We’ll explore the challenges of scaling annotation and labeling processes for high-quality data labeling and how SuperAnnotate’s cloud-based platform can optimize your annotation workflows, improve efficiency, and reduce time to market.

We’ll also present our latest Magic Polygons tools and the Tiled Imagery editor designed for geospatial data. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how you can scale your ML development for remote sensing data with SuperAnnotate. Register now!

  • Named Entity Recognition/NLP (bounding box annotation of named entities)
  • Optical Character Recognition/OCR (character annotation of the words from the annotated bounding box)

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