Webinar by SuperAnnotate
November 30th, 9 am PST / 6 pm CET

The Future of LLMs


Webinar speaker

vahan petrosyan

Vahan Petrosyan

Co-founder and CEO at SuperAnnotate

LLMs are getting smarter and quantization algorithms are making those LLMs to be trained on smaller and smaller resources. The architecture and pipelines for building new multimodal LLMs and an ensemble of collaborative LLMs are becoming increasingly complex. Tree of Thoughts is an example of such custom architecture, which shows big potential to improve LLM accuracy significantly.

Building Data Infrastructure of such customizable LLM architecture is still an open yet extremely important problem. We will discuss how such data architectures can be built on scale.

  • Named Entity Recognition/NLP (bounding box annotation of named entities)
  • Optical Character Recognition/OCR (character annotation of the words from the annotated bounding box)

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