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text annotation

Text annotation use cases

government text annotation


Enhance financial operations efficiency, ensure smooth regulatory compliance, and advanced analytics.
Better accessibility to digital documents
Identification of potentially fraudulent activities
Draw analytics from volumes of data
banking text annotation


Identify errors in bank statements, reports, and agreements. Extract any data in a snap.
Detection of fraud and money laundering
Extraction of loan rates and credit scores
Compliance monitoring
healthcare text annotation


Easily find diseases, investigations, and drugs in medical records, literature, and other health information texts.
Document classification for ease of research
Data extraction from clinical trial records
Recognition of policyholder information
media text annotation

Media and news

Train models to spot the target information in media outlets and ad visuals faster.
Fake news detection based on NLP annotations
Popular name recognition and relationship detection
Brand identification in marketing and advertising

Document classification

Achieve greater performance by classifying documents for faster access and intuitive categorization.

classification text annotation
name entity recognition text annotation

Name entity recognition

Recognize common or custom entities within a text body in a fraction of time.

Information extraction

Extract information from unstructured text, PDF, tables, and other documents with ease.

information extraction nlp
question answering nlp

Sentiment analysis

Effectively detect sentiments at the level of words, sentences, paragraphs, and documents. Every nuance matters.

Question answering

Annotate collections of question-answer pairs to build an intelligent chatbot system and provide real-time answers.

sentiment analysis nlp
translation text annotation


Understand text inputs and automatically translate them into languages of interest.

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