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Create high-quality and accurate audio annotations for top-performing models.  
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Supporting all audio file formats

SuperAnnotate supports the most common audio types and file formats, making it possible to power all industries and use cases.

 Powering all use cases

Here’s an overview of what you can achieve with SuperAnnotate’s audio annotation tool.

Speech recognition

Transcribe speeches in audio recordings to train speech recognition models to convert spoken language into written text or to interpret spoken commands. 

Speaker recognition

Annotate various features from an audio sample, such as rhythm and intonation, to train speaker recognition models that can identify voiceprints. 

Sound event detection

Identify and classify specific sounds within an audio recording, such as thunder or car honks, to train models to detect specific sounds.


Categorize your audios by assigning them with classes based on their contents and characteristics. 

Powering all industries and use cases

SuperAnnotate provides innovative solutions for a breadth of industries and use cases, from autonomous driving to robotics, and more.
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