Understand, Curate, Expand

Build better models faster by easily understanding and improving your dataset. Explore puts advanced search, data exploration, data curation, and tools for dataset improvement at your fingertips.
Advanced Search

Explore and Understand Your Data

Use similarity search and natural language search powered by vectors to navigate your dataset or filter through annotations, predictions, and metadata to find exactly what you need.

Efficiently Expand Your Dataset

One-shot Annotation
Select a single instance of a polygon or bounding box and leverage advanced algorithms to automatically find and suggest annotations for similar instances across your entire dataset.
Batch Classification
Use similarity and NLP search to classify large volumes of data quickly. Search for items, select them in bulk, and apply the desired class efficiently.
Customizable Actions

Act and Automate 
with Orchestrate

Define and configure custom actions in Python to apply to your data and run them directly from Explore. These actions can include writing annotations to storage, applying custom rules and QA, running models, or using LLMs for judgment setups. Enjoy total freedom to tailor actions to your specific needs.
Discover Orchestrate
Review Tools

Ensure Quality at Scale

Ensure quality by using search tools to review every instance of a class across your dataset. Use vector search to find and correct similar items with errors. Approve, disapprove, or reclassify items and send feedback to annotators or reviewers.
Vector Search
Quickly identify wrong annotation patterns.
Rating System
Approve or disapprove LLM actions and leave comments.
Assign Tasks
Simply forward tasks to specific team members or annotators.
Rating System
Approve or disapprove the LLM actions, leave comments.

Drill down with Analytics

Find actionable insights to increase dataset quality using customizable, sharable dashboards.
Shareable Subsets

Create Visibility and Collaboration

Create and share subsets of items (images, text) with colleagues or partners using signed URLs. Recipients can review the items without needing a software license, facilitating easier collaboration and data sharing within your organization.
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Hear it from our customers

Definitely the best team of annotators I’ve seen and the platform is easy to manage. The quality is really high and consistent.”
Joseph Martorana
Data Annotation Lead at Hinge Health
SuperAnnotate’s platform is incredibly robust and easy-to-use. Their Data Operations team is very thorough, proactive, easy to engage, and acts as a valuable extension of Motorola Solutions’ data operations.”
Jason Lohner
Senior AI Data Manager at Motorola Solutions
SuperAnnotate has allowed us to cut over 60% off annotation cycle time. Finding annotation teams was super easy, and because they are all trained on SuperAnnotate, they are able to deliver more accurate annotations much faster than before.”
Ovadya Menadeva
Data Annotation Lead at Hinge Health
“Two years ago, our team consisted of four people who were doing a thousand images over two months. Our data scientist is doing the same amount of work today in just one week. So, if I take 4x8, we get effectively nearly 32x faster.”
Geoffrey Shmigelsky
CTO at OneCup AI
“The fact that SuperAnnnotate had a local dedicated team of professionals sped up the annotation performance and improved the quality of instrument annotations. That, combined with our local QA team, made a combination of 1+1 makes 3.”
Pieter De Backer
AI Lead at Orsi Academy

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