Industry-leading video annotation tool

Power up your video annotation project through cutting-edge annotation tooling, video classification, and interpolation.

Video annotation use cases

bounding box annotation

Object detection & tracking

Detect and track moving objects frame by frame.
Autonomous driving
Traffic monitoring
healthcare annotation

Pixel-perfect tracking

Estimate changes and growth.
Medical imaging
Drones and aerial imagery
Damage inspection
human pose estimation

Skeleton estimation

Track human activities and estimate poses.
Security and surveillance
Customer behavior
Sports analytics

Video classification and tagging

SuperAnnotate makes it a breeze to classify hours-long video files to track objects of interest.

video classification
video annotation interpolation

Linear interpolation

Seamlessly adjust attributes and bounding box position while maintaining the same box ID.

Manage file access

Get the upper hand on sensitive information! Share signed URLs with annotation teams to ensure secure annotation.

attach urls
video annotation timeline

Advanced timeline

Instantly visualize and track the movement of bounding boxes and their keyframe position on a timeline.

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