Natural language processing

Powering NLP tools and technologies with the highest quality training data to streamline your ML pipelines.

nlp natural language processing

Use cases

customer support

Customer support

Teach your bots to understand customer inquiries, recognize intent, detect the problem and suggest relevant solutions.
document search

Smart document search

Label your niche texts for models to quickly find relevant information in large volumes of scanned documents.
fake news detection

Fake news detection

Build highly efficient fake news detection models with clearly and consistently labeled text data.
sentiment analysis

Sentiment annotation

Get business-critical insights from unstructured text data like emails, online reviews, social media posts to assess customer satisfaction, measure ratings, and more.
receipt transcription

Receipt transcription

Train models to interpret receipts, invoices, purchase orders, etc. to get accurately identified, labeled, and transcribed documents.
speech recognition

Speech recognition

Build programs that understand spoken words and can get annotated words from the NLP datasets.
superannotate for nlp

SuperAnnotate for NLP

Machine learning and NLP are growing and changing the way we live and work like never before. Behind any successful NLP project is the clear and consistent data that the model is trained on.

SuperAnnotate introduces a robust data annotation workflow with quality management measures and smooth iteration cycles to feed quality data into NLP models and get them into production up to 5x faster.

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