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SuperAnnotate is the cornerstone of your data labeling pipeline. It brings you a cutting-edge annotation tool for all types of data including image, video, text, audio, and more.
Annotate faster without compromising on quality
Collaborate with stakeholders to improve annotation accuracy
Automate and streamline your annotation process
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llm annotation tool

LLM annotation tool

Improve your existing model’s performance for a specific task by providing it with specialized training. 
Question answering
Instruction fine-tuning
Image captioning
Instant feedback loop

Image annotation tool

Increase the accuracy of your image annotations using advanced tools to give your model the power of vision.
Object detection
Pose estimation
OCR annotation
Tiled and multilayer imagery

Video annotation tool

Annotate videos as they play and use the data to train models to accurately detect, track, and locate objects and events. 
Object tracking and localization
Instance segmentation and tracking
Action detection
Pose estimation
Lane detection

Text annotation tool

Extract relevant and valuable information from text data and build NLP models that understand and interpret texts accurately.
Sentiment analysis
Question answering
Named-entity recognition
llm annotation tool

Audio annotation tool

Transcribe and segment audio data with advanced tools and train your AI models to recognize speech, transcribe audio, classify sounds, and more.
Speech recognition
Speaker recognition
Sound event detection

Classification tool

Classify PDFs, HTML files, and websites for a wide array of use cases.
Topic labeling
Content analysis
Question answering
Sentiment analysis

Built with quality in mind

Powering all industries and use cases

SuperAnnotate provides innovative solutions for a breadth of industries and use cases, from autonomous driving to robotics, and more.
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Annotation services

Access a global marketplace of 400+ vetted, specialized, and professionally managed annotation teams.
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Project and quality management

Manage the performance of projects, annotators, and annotation QAs.
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AI data management and curation

Manage, version, and debug your data and create more accurate datasets faster.
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