Powerful annotation tool

Annotation editor supercharged with advanced and user-friendly tools.

More accurate annotations

Create clear-cut annotations using our tools that meet even your most sophisticated annotation needs.

More comprehensive editor

Communicate annotation requirements with your team to avoid mistakes and stay on track.


Pixel-accurate annotations

Divide your images into multiple segments with the smart segmentation tool to create clear-cut annotations in no time.

Pixel Editor

Semantic and instance segmentation

Switch between semantic and instance segmentation modes depending on your project requirements.

semantic segmentation mode
annotation template

Vector Editor


Create templates or use one of the available ones to annotate faster and with higher precision.


Vector editor

Powerful vector editor packed with advanced tools to annotate images and videos with high accuracy.

Effective team communication

Comment on an image to open a chat window and communicate about annotation mistakes and requirements with your team.

team communication

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