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SuperAnnotate’s classification tool supports a wide array of use cases and classification tasks.
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Here’s an overview of what you can achieve with SuperAnnotate’s classification tool
topic labeling

Topic labeling

Assign an appropriate label to your data from a list of predefined options.


Categorize your data by assigning them with tags based on their contents and characteristics.
content analysis

Content analysis

Analyze and interpret the content of textual data such as patterns, trends, and sentiments.
question answering

Question answering

Pair questions with their corresponding answers to train your model how to generate accurate responses.
sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis

Identify and analyze the sentiments expressed in your data, such as whether a given statement is positive, negative, or neutral or detect emotions like happiness or anger.


Generate a summary of your data to enable efficient information extraction and summarization of articles, reports, documents, and more.

Powering all industries and use cases

SuperAnnotate provides innovative solutions for a breadth of industries and use cases, from autonomous driving to robotics, and more.
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