AI Data Management and Curation

SuperAnnotate offers advanced data curation and management solutions to create healthy datasets for top-performing models. 
Curate the right dataset for your model
Monitor and manage the quality of your data
Manage your dataset using powerful insights
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Data curation at scale
Dataset quality management
Advanced data management

All the tools to build powerful datasets

Curate the right dataset for top-performing models

Find relevant data easily and curate healthy datasets for your models.
Query system
Use queries to filter and visualize relevant parts of your data and manage them more effectively.
Create subsets of data to train your model on a relevant set of items instead of the whole dataset.

Advanced features to guarantee data quality

Monitor the quality of your data and do a faster, more thorough quality check all in one place.
Data visualization
Visualize your data to easily track dataset distribution and identify recurring annotation biases.
Approve and disapprove
Approve data that meets project requirements and disapprove annotations and items that need to be reviewed and corrected.

Powerful data insights

Get detailed information on the performance of your annotation team as well as your dataset's health. Monitor annotation trends, analyze model performance, track annotation time, and more.

More tools to boost data management and curation

Similarity search

Find similar items in your dataset and assign them to annotators to compare their work.

Random and smart sampling

Detect the most diverse items in your dataset to make sure not to annotate similar items or duplicates.

Generate data

Use our data generation tools to create valuable data based on your text prompts for your specific use cases.

Powering all industries and use cases

SuperAnnotate provides innovative solutions for a breadth of industries and use cases, from autonomous driving to robotics, and more.
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Annotation software

Create top-quality training data across all data types.
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Annotation services

Access a global marketplace of 400+ vetted annotation service teams.
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Project and quality management

Manage the performance of projects, annotators, and annotation QAs.
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