Smart task automation

Annotation and QA automation for more accurate results in less time.

annotation automation

Faster task completion time

Automate the annotation and QA processes to complete your projects faster without compromising on quality.

More accurate predictions

Train high-quality models and use the smart prediction tool to annotate your images more accurately.


Upload annotations to migrate your work from one project to another or from another platform to SuperAnnotate and continue where you left off.

neural network

Neural network training

Create a training model to automate your project and speed up the annotation process all while delivering quality results.

Smart prediction

Generate accurate predictions faster using prediction models. You can use available prediction models or create your own in the neural network.

smart prediction annotation
qa automation annotation

Fast QA automation

Use an error detection algorithm to detect annotation mistakes and import the information to SuperAnnotate via Python SDK for a faster quality assurance process.

Build the highest quality training data now