Streamlined collaboration and quality management

Comprehensive quality management and effective collaboration to drive successful projects and boost model performance.

quality assurance annotation

Higher quality annotations

Review your annotations as you go using our integrated QA system to deliver quality results.

Faster project delivery

Set instructions and communicate with your team to prevent mistakes. This helps you avoid wasting time and deliver projects on time.

project management and collaboration

Comprehensive QA process

Get your annotations across different user roles with a multi-level process for a full quality assurance review.

Object-level approve and disapprove functionality

With the approve/disapprove feature, QAs and project admins can let annotators know which annotations meet the project requirements and which ones don’t.

object level quality assurance
collaboration and workflows

Seamless annotation workflow

Set up a workflow to determine accurate annotation steps and automate the class and tool selection process.

Team communication made easy

Add a comment on an item to communicate mistakes and annotation requirements. Team members can chat in the comment window until the issue is resolved.

team communication

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