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Spacept case study

Company overview

Spacept uses AI to analyze satellite images to prevent fires and power outages caused by extreme weather. Their smart solution is fast, sustainable, and decreases the time and cost needed for infrastructure inspection.

The problem

Global warming is increasingly affecting infrastructure, meaning that inspections are more frequently needed. Spacept tried different annotation platforms for their satellite imagery annotation projects. They were searching for a platform where they can both create high-quality annotations and hire expert annotators.

The solution

SuperAnnotate’s integrated workforce marketplace and advanced tools

Spacept, like many other computer vision companies, was in need of high-quality outsourced annotators to work on their large-scale projects. SuperAnnotate combined the two most important features they needed: a robust annotation platform and professional experts available on call.

The results

Increased project efficiency and pixel-accurate annotations

Spacept is hiring professional annotators through SuperAnnotate’s platform to take on larger projects.

“We use SuperAnnotate’s software and annotation specialists to enable smooth operation in our project-oriented business,” Co-founder and CEO Eric Langenskiöld said. “This means we can quickly take on larger inspection projects without immediately growing our core in-house team.”

SuperAnnotate’s pixel-accurate and user-friendly tools, particularly the Smart Segmentation tool, also improved the quality of Spacept’s annotations. “We tried a long list of competitors in the labeling platform space, but SuperAnnotate has the most user-friendly and the most relevant toolset for us,” Langenskiöld mentioned. “SuperAnnotate’s smart segmentation tool significantly boosts the annotation speed compared to the other tools that we’ve tried.”

With SuperAnnotate, Spacept can get access to trained annotators and create top-quality annotations all in one place, which wasn’t achievable anywhere else they looked.

Key outcomes

  • SuperAnnotate was the only company able to meet both of their key needs.
  • SuperAnnotate’s integrated workforce feature made it easier for Spacept to hire and manage professional and trained annotators.
  • Spacept was able to take on large-scale projects without having to expand its in-house annotation team.
  • The Smart Segmentation tool led to faster annotation speed and high-quality annotations.

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