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Nvidia Blackwell: Crafting tomorrow’s AI, today

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Nvidia is back with some big news that's making waves in the AI world. They've just introduced a new GPU called the Blackwell B200 and a superchip named GB200. These new gadgets are super powerful, much more than the ones we've had before, and they're designed to make computers smarter and faster, especially when it comes to AI stuff.

nvidia blackwell
The Blackwell B200 GPU. Image: Nvidia

Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia, showed off these new inventions, and they're pretty impressive. The B200 GPU is a tiny chip packed with a lot of power – it can do up to 20 petaflops of work. That's tech-speak for "really fast." The GB200 superchip is even more special because it combines two of those powerful GPUs with another chip called the Grace CPU, making everything run up to 30 times faster than their old chips. What's cool is that they say it'll use a lot less power and money to run.

jensen huang holds up his new gpu on the left next to an h100 on the right
Jensen Huang holds up his new GPU on the left, next to an H100 on the right. Image: Nvidia

Now, training AI models is a big deal – it usually takes a ton of power and a whole bunch of GPUs. Nvidia says that with their new Blackwell GPUs, you can do the same work with fewer GPUs and less power. That means bigger and smarter AI models without needing a power plant to run them.  Blackwell offers up to 25X lower cost and energy consumption compared to previous solutions, while providing 4X the training performance.

Blackwell GPUs

Blackwell is a powerhouse of innovation with six game-changing technologies that turbocharge AI capabilities for handling complex models:

two blackwell gpus and one grace cpu

Super powerful chip: This chip is a giant leap forward, packed with 208 billion transistors and linked by a super-fast 10 TB/second connection, creating an ultra-powerful GPU.

Advanced transformer engine: Blackwell takes computing power to new heights, doubling the ability to handle massive AI models thanks to its smart scaling and NVIDIA's cutting-edge algorithms.

Next-level NVLink: The latest NVLink technology speeds up communication between up to 576 GPUs, ensuring quick and efficient handling of complex AI tasks. We’ll talk about this in more detail later in the article.

Reliability engine: With a special focus on reliability, Blackwell's RAS engine uses AI to prevent issues before they happen, making sure AI systems run smoothly for longer.

Secure AI: Blackwell protects sensitive AI data with top-notch security features, making it a safe choice for industries like healthcare and finance.

Fast decompression engine: A dedicated engine speeds up data handling, making database work faster and more efficient, which is great news for data-heavy tasks.

What should we expect?

Blackwell is about going beyond what we know now and discovering new possibilities where AI can do amazing things. Here’s what to expect from Blackwell in the near future.

Going beyond chatbots

This technology stretches far beyond simple chatbot capabilities. Imagine crafting 'digital twins' of just about anything - from skyscrapers to the entire globe - to tackle and brainstorm solutions for real-world problems like climate change, all from the comfort of a virtual environment.

Transforming robotics

It's about taking robotics to new heights by enhancing their ability to reason, plan tasks, and perceive their surroundings. This opens the door to robots that are not just more intelligent but also more versatile and capable of adapting to complex scenarios.

Simplifying Gen AI creation

Moreover, this platform is a game-changer for developers working with generative AI. It's making the process of creating and deploying AI-powered applications more accessible, paving the way for innovations that can generate new content on their own.

GP200 NVL 72

Nvidia has this massive setup called the GB200 NVL72 that's like a supercomputer all on its own. It's designed for the heaviest tasks, can do a mind-blowing amount of calculations, and supports the biggest AI models.

gp200 nvl 72

The NVIDIA GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchip combines two NVIDIA B200 GPUs and a NVIDIA Grace CPU. They’ve also worked on making these chips talk to each other really fast with something called NVLink, and they've packed even more technology into a new network switch chip. This makes it easier for lots of GPUs to work together without slowing down.

Systems using the GB200 chip can use NVIDIA's Quantum-X800 InfiniBand and Spectrum-X800 Ethernet for even faster data transfer, up to 800Gb/s. The GB200 NVL72 is a powerful computer system cooled with liquid and designed for hard computing tasks. It has 36 Grace Blackwell Superchips, making 72 GPUs and 36 CPUs in total, all connected together. It also has NVIDIA BlueField-3 units to make cloud networks work better, keep data safe, and help with large AI tasks. This system is up to 30 times faster and 25 times more energy and cost efficient than older systems.

Big companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Oracle are already planning to use these new Nvidia chips in their cloud services. That means more people can use this power for their projects, from building AI to solving complex problems.

What's really exciting is that Nvidia isn't just making things faster; they're opening doors to new possibilities like designing drugs, building smarter cars, and even exploring quantum computing. They've created a new platform that's going to change how we use computers, making AI a big part of our future.

Wrapping up

To sum up, Nvidia's latest creation is not just another tech update. It's a big leap forward that's going to make AI and computing a lot more exciting. With Nvidia leading the way, we're heading into a future where computers can do amazing things we've only dreamed of.

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