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The newest — and most requested — additions to our feature palette are already live! Check out our long-awaited editors, Insights, and the new Pipelines feature below:

product updates december 2 2022

New editors edition:

We’ve been working super hard for this mega release, and we’re rolling out three brand-new editors at once!

Point Cloud (Beta)

With the Point Cloud or LiDAR Editor, you can create pixel-precise annotations for 3D point data and easily label some of the most complex projects.


Tiled Imagery (Beta)

You can now upload and annotate multilayered images in the Tiled Imagery Editor apart from the Image Editor. Multilayered refers to a composite image made up of multiple layers, which can be, for instance, SAR (synthetic aperture radar imagery), IR (infrared satellite imagery), and RGB. You may deal with multilayered images when annotating aerial or satellite imagery where several references of the same image are required to achieve higher precision in annotation.

Note: The Tiled Imagery Editor is perfect for annotating large images in general, including geospatial or microscopic imagery. It also allows you to zoom in on images with no performance issues. The editor currently supports the DZI format.

Other (Beta)

Our final editor of this release allows you to classify PDFs, HTML files, and websites.

Video or Audio Editor

Our Video Editor now also supports audio annotation and was thus renamed to Video or Audio Editor. In addition to the existing video formats, you can now label and classify MP3, WAV, and OGG audio types.

Insights (Beta)

We’re launching Insights to help you manage your dataset health and improve annotation efficiency. By using the Insights feature, you can visualize data trends in detail and track how your dataset's health and your annotation team's performance are changing over time. You can also compare different subsets of data and use filters to focus on the data of your interest.



The new Pipelines feature allows you to push real-time actions from SuperAnnotate to your application whenever a certain event occurs. These events pertain to projects, exports, folders, or items. They can be triggered by creating new items, updating annotation/approval status, deleting existing items, as well as making modifications to assignments.

Other changes and improvements

  • We now support DICOM files for Image Projects.
  • Two of our existing editors were renamed: The Image Editor is the old Pixel Editor, and the Image Legacy Editor refers to the previous Vector Editor.

Enjoy your holidays, and stay tuned for more features coming in January. See you next year!

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