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How did you like our last release? As we're wrapping up the second quarter, SuperAnnotate's bringing a new feature palette to enhance your experience on our platform.

product updates 2022 june

Release date: June 12, 2022


We've added up the subset feature to improve your data sorting experience!

Subsets are especially useful when you're required to run training on a specific group of items that share the same criteria.

Create a subset with a few clicks, add/remove items in bulk, and download the data within the subset for future use.

Note: You can add the same item to an unlimited number of subsets.

Display settings improvement

We have a brand new addition to the Explore tab's grid view display settings. Our latest batch of settings enables users to show/hide instances of particular types for smarter filtering.

Here's a rundown of updated categories:

  • Attribute groups
  • Attributes
  • Approval status
  • Instance type
  • Group ID
  • Probability
  • Creation type
  • Creation date
  • Update date

Priority scores in bulk

SuperAnnotate is introducing an effortless priority-score sorting! Define priority scores in bulk to annotate high-priority items first.

Instances by timestamp

Last but not least, you can now sort the list of instances in the Video Editor by timestamp.

When you sort instances by timestamp, each class group is ordered by the timestamp they appear in the video, easing the QA process.

Give us a shout if you have more questions.

We'll go big on our July release, so stay tuned for important updates.

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