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SuperAnnotate, an all-in-one AI data infrastructure platform, has integrated the Segment Anything Model by Meta AI (SAM). The goal of this integration was to refine Meta AI’s annotation tool’s limitations and provide an advanced environment for fully experiencing the SAM to get higher quality training data and faster annotation with more scalability.

On May 17th, at 7 pm CEST, the co-founder and CTO of the company, Vahan Petrosyan, will host a webinar to address the discovered bottlenecks of the SAM annotation tool. The ML Solutions Engineering Team Lead of SuperAnnotate - Oscar Örnberg, will also be joining the webinar for a detailed overview of the current SAM paper, followed by an exclusive demonstration of how they improved and fixed the limitations found in the original Meta AI annotation tool.

Expanding SAM's capabilities on SuperAnnotate

“The integration of SAM into SuperAnnotate allows ML Engineers to apply more of the SAM potential with proper quality assurance, annotation workflow, and collaborative interface, which was unavailable for the tool released by Meta AI,” explained Petrosyan. 

SuperAnnotate’s Machine Learning team’s discovered bottlenecks include and are not limited to latency-related issues, which they solve on the SuperAnnotate platform with SAM integration and by:

  • using proprietary smart initialization techniques to deliver polygons that have higher quality.
  • applying scribble-based and superpixel-based approaches to provide faster annotation than the initial point or box-based approach of Meta AI’s annotation tool.
  • decreasing the inference and mask generation time of the algorithm for smoother annotation on high-resolution images.

“My Ph.D. topic was related to the superpixel-based approach for semantic segmentation, which ties back to founding  SuperAnnotate back in 2018. Later, we quickly gained momentum and scaled our product into a comprehensive solution today for every stage of AI model creation,” added Petrosyan.

About the "Super-Segment Anything” webinar

The “Super-Segment Anything” webinar registration is open and free for participation, inviting all ML Engineers, data scientists, and team leads of data enthusiasts for an insightful one-hour-long discussion.

superannotate integrates sam

About SuperAnnotate

SuperAnnotate is the all-in-one AI data infrastructure platform that helps Machine Learning and data teams save time on building accurate AI models with the highest quality training data — SuperData. Trusted by leading innovative firms in agriculture, healthcare, sports, and other industries, SuperAnnotate was recognized as one of the world’s top 100 AI companies by CB Insights. In the same year, the company announced a $14.5 million Series A funding round led by Base10 Partners.

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