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We’ve been super busy at SuperAnnotate these past few weeks, and we’re excited to share with you our new features and updates.

Here’s what’s been cooking:

SuperAnnotate September Updates 1
  • New look and feel
  • Desktop app
  • New segmentation models in the pixel editor
  • Delete comments
  • Bulk delete images

New look and feel

We’re going by SuperAnnotate instead of Annotate.Online. We not only rebranded our name but also improved our user interface and user experience. Enjoy the fresh look!  

Desktop app

SuperAnnotate September Updates 2

SuperAnnotate has an advanced desktop app now where you can create projects, assign classes, and annotate images on the vector editor. Did we mention that it’s free? You can also filter your images by classes. The editor contains a full set of tools for a smooth annotation process.

New segmentation model in the pixel editor

SuperAnnotate September Updates 3

Our smart segmentation tool has new models that help you select objects faster and cut down your annotation time in the pixel editor. The new update allows you to run two types of smart segmentation:

  • Generic: use this model for all types of image segmentation.
  • Autonomous Driving: use this model for image segmentation in the autonomous driving industry.

Delete comments

SuperAnnotate September Updates 4

Admins and QA specialists can now delete comments instead of just hiding them. To delete a comment, click on the comment icon, tap Delete, and select Yes to confirm your action. The deleted comments won’t be included in the JSON file.

Bulk delete images

SuperAnnotate September Updates 5

Instead of deleting multiple images one by one, you can now delete them in bulk. Check the box next to Image to select the images that appear on the list. Once you select one or multiple items, a delete button appears. Click on it and confirm your action to delete the selected images. Deleting multiple images now takes just a few clicks.

We want our users to have the best experience, so we’re always working on updates and new features. More cool stuff is coming your way.

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