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CB Insights AI 100 2021

We are thrilled to announce that SuperAnnotate has been named to the 2021 CB Insights AI 100 and highlighted among the most promising AI companies in the world and one of only 3 companies in the data annotation space.

The CB Insights research team evaluated over 6,000 companies from across the globe. The selection criteria was based on factors like technology quality, team strength, competitive position, investor profile, market potential, business relations, and more.

About SuperAnnotate

With a passion to democratize computer vision, we developed an end-to-end platform to annotate, manage, train and automate computer vision pipelines. Our platform gives annotators the tools to build the ultra high-quality datasets, provides managers with the systems to execute computer vision projects at scale, and offers highly-skilled, professionally managed workforces through our marketplace.

We are trusted by customers in a wide range of industries including insurance, automotive, aerial imagery, robotics, retail, healthcare, industrial, and many more. We have partnered with OpenCV, the largest open-source library of Computer Vision algorithms to help bring the best computer vision tools to one of the largest computer vision communities in the world.

To download the complete list, visit CB Insights.

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