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What did you think of the November release? More exciting features are coming your way! Our December release is packed with updates you won’t resist. Let’s get this going:

Text Editor redesign

The Text Editor got a makeover to improve performance and provide a smoother experience for you:

  • Tags are no longer in the top panel. We divided the right panel into two tabs where you can easily manage your objects and tags (just like in other editors).
  • The text input tool and the class selection were moved to the left panel.
  • Top panel functionalities are the same where you can search text extracts, use Classify next to classify the next instance with the class of the current instance, or use Classify all to classify all the instances with the selected class.
text editor redesign

Numeric and text attribute types in the Video Editor

Remember the Single and Multiple Selection attributes in the Video Editor? This release enables you to create Numeric and Text attributes as well to easily complete transcription tasks, free text classification, and so on.

numeric and text attribute types in the video editor

Folder status change

Now you can select the folder statuses from the dropdown to better automate your ML pipeline. Applying a status to a folder is especially helpful when working on a single project with multiple folders.

Note:The folder status functionality is also available in SDK.
folder status change

Random operator in queries

Use the Random operator to generate an exact number of randomized items in Explore.

random operator in queries

In addition, now you can also query items based on folder statuses.

PDF annotation

Last but not least, SuperAnnotate finally supports PDF annotation! Just upload PDF files into the Vector Editor and annotate from there.

Don’t miss our final product release of the year on December 25. To get to know the updates first, make sure to follow our release notes.

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