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Checked out the Halloween release? Our November release brings new features in the Video Editor and Analytics. Let’s see them in action:

product updates november 2022

Video commenting

We’re introducing the comment feature in the Video Editor to improve the quality check for your video annotations and streamline the feedback flow. Adding a comment is easy — hit the comment icon on the left panel (or use the C shortcut), draw a box on the target area of your video, and click Send.

video commenting

You can either resolve a comment or delete it permanently. Resolving a comment still makes it visible on the right panel in the Comments tab.

Download analytics data

You can now download the analytics of your projects in CSV format and further use the data on item status, users, classes, and attributes outside the platform.

Make sure to also check out our release notes and give us a shout if you have questions. Stay connected for more features comping soon.

superannotate request demo

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